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3 Different sliders

We have included not only one but 3 different sliders you can select to impress your visitors: The fantastic Nivo slider, a fancy accordion tabbed slider and the astounding piecemaker 3D slider.

Unlimited layouts

You can generate unlimited layouts with our fantastic drag and drop layout generator, as simple as dragging specific areas to the layout you can combine rows and columns to create any layout you want, even the most complex ones with lots of sidebars and widgets, our themes have been built using liquid boxes.


8 years in the market. full support in spanish, english and french.

Drag&Drop layout creator

U can create almost unlimited layouts by simply dragging areas in to place with our page layout creator.

A full design bundle

Access to 500 stock logos, 50 vector mascots, 100+ web design elements & 75 web templates. (with sources)

Photo Gallery

Organize with categories, add fancy frames, select featured photos to show in home, lightbox ready.